COVID 19 testing with same-day results – Do you need a travel certificate?

Find out more about Fit to Fly Certificates, Day 2 and 8 Testing and Test to Release.

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COVID Testing

We can test for COVID and get the results back to you the same day.

Pre-travel COVID testing.

You can call us to discuss your travel requirements and we will advise on the most appropriate option for testing. There are two options available.

Postal swabs: take 48 hours for results and certificate – £160

Visit and swab: with same-day results and certificate* – £200 (+ courier charge).

*Swab needs to be done before midday.

Covid Travel Testing

The new ‘Traffic Light’ system for Covid-19 travel has been announced by the government. The latest guidance states the countries rated as red, amber or green for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the rules you must follow to enter England once travel opens up again.

The list of red, amber and green countries are formally reviewed every 3 weeks and is updated on a regular basis. See the full list of countries on the Gov website here.

To simplify everything, we’ve summarised the testing and quarantine requirements for travel in the table to the right.

Here at Linbury Doctors, we provide Covid testing as well as Test to Release, Day 2, Day 5 and Day 8 testing. We have a dedicated courier and can provide same-day results which, if negative, could end your quarantine early.

covid testing

Fit to Fly Certificates

To travel to most destinations, you will need a Fit to fly certificate to board your flight. The time scales and requirements vary depending on which country you are travelling to.

A PCR test is performed by a UKAS accredited provider and a certificate is issued by one of our GMC registered private GPs, stating when the test was performed and the result. The time the test was taken is also included as these are time-sensitive. 

This is emailed to you through our secure portal password encrypted as a PDF file. 

  • Postal swab for members of Linbury Doctors: £140 
  • Doctor visit and swab for members: £180 
  • Postal swab for non-members: £160
  • Doctor visit and swab for non-members: £200

Fill out this enquiry form to find out more.

Visit the Gov website for more information.

day 2 and 8 test

Day 2 and 8 Testing

At Linbury Doctors, we provide day 2 and 8 bundles for COVID tests.

After you arrive back in England, you are required to take a Covid test on day 2 of your quarantine. The day you arrive back in the country is counted as day 0. This ‘day 2 test’ is to identify any potentially harmful variants of the virus. Should a positive result come back, you and your household must quarantine for 10 days, starting on the day after the test was taken. For those who received a negative ‘day 2 test’, they will also need to take a test on or after day 8. If this ‘day 8 test’ is positive, you and your household will need to quarantine until day 19.

You must order your Day 2 and Day 8 tests before you return to the UK. Failure to do so may incur fines and other penalties. You can order your tests as early as is convenient for you, and we will post them to you on the required days. When you order your test, we will ask you to provide details about yourself and your journey. You will then receive a unique reference number, which you must enter on your passenger locator form before you arrive in the UK.

  • Postal kits: £210
  • If a visit is required from the doctor for the tests the cost is: £310
  • Day 2 tests alone: £120

Fill out this enquiry form to find out more about our day 2 and 8 bundles. Please read more on the Gov website here. See the full list of test providers on the Government website here.

test to release

Test to Release

Should you wish to end your quarantine period early, you can request a TTR test. 

Test to release is a test that can be done on day 5 to reduce your quarantine time from 10 days to 5 days. This test is optional and for those who don’t wish to reduce their quarantine time they don’t need to do this. 

Here at Linbury Doctors, we can arrange this test for you with a same-day courier to the laboratory, ensuring results are available as soon as possible. 

One of our GMC registered private doctors will then sign and issue you a PDF certificate with your results within 24 hours of completing the TTR test. 

  • Postal swab for members of Linbury Doctors: £150 
  • Doctor visit and swab for members: £180 
  • Postal swab for non-members: £160
  • Doctor visit and swab for non-members: £200
  • Courier charge: POA

Fill out this enquiry form to find out more. See the full list of private providers of Covid Testing on the Gov website.

There is an awful lot of confusion surrounding the current testing provision for COVID-19 and concerns about its availability. A good starting point is asking the following; Do I want to know if I have COVID-19 now or do I want to know if I have had COVID-19 in the past?

Have I got COVID–19?

You need a swab, otherwise known as COVID testing or a PCR test. The swab normally consists of a throat and nasopharyngeal swab.  You can get these on the NHS if you fulfil the following criteria:

  • you have a high temperature
  • you have a new, continuous cough
  • you’ve lost your sense of smell or taste or it’s changed
  • you’ve been told to have a test before you go into hospital and you live in England
  • you’ve been asked to by a local authority
  • you’re taking part in a government pilot project

You can also get a test for someone you live with if they have symptoms.

You can apply via the government website:

If you are a member of the practice we can arrange for you to have a COVID swab test, and a same-day result.

Have I had COVID-19?

You need a COVID -19 antibody test. Antibodies are produced by the body in response to the virus and are used to help fight it. The antibodies are then stored for some time after the virus has gone. We aren’t sure how long on average they are stored for currently given this is a novel virus but lots of research surrounding this is currently in the pipeline. The antibodies are very important as they may be able to be used to treat people with COVID-19 who aren’t mounting a sufficient immune response themselves. Currently a blood sample will need to be taken to test for COVID-19 antibodies. It is advised to wait for around 6 weeks after you think you may have contracted the virus to get the test done. At Linbury Doctors we are able to offer blood sampling for COVID-19 antibodies.

Read our Covid testing Terms and Conditions here.