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Linbury Doctors Receive An Outstanding Rating in CQC Report

In a recent assessment by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Linbury Doctors’ service has been rated as Outstanding in crucial areas of healthcare provision, including the responsiveness and caring nature of their services.

“We are all absolutely thrilled to have received such a highly regarded rating. The hard work and dedication of the team is reflected in our service, and we’re delighted to be recognised for our achievements in quality, patient-led care.” – Dr. Hala Atkin, Founder & Medical Director.

“Since our beginning in 2020, we have always put our patients first. It is of utmost importance to us that we provide an unparalleled healthcare service, dedicating our skills to improving the welfare of generations. This Outstanding rating from the CQC is not just a feather in our cap, it’s a testament to the unwavering commitment we have to our members and our community.” – Dr. Lucy Ansell, Founder & Medical Director.

cqc outstanding rating

Some of the CQC’s key findings about Linbury Doctors’ service were:

  • Patients were respected and valued as individuals and were empowered as partners in their care, practically and emotionally.
  • Services were tailored to meet the needs of individual people and were delivered in a way to ensure flexibility, choice and continuity of care.
  • Upon joining the service, patients were provided with an in-person GP visit either in their own home or another location if preferred. Easy access and continuity with the same GP was an ethos the practice upheld.
  • The service model enabled GPs to check in with their patients often, including regular review meetings to review the patient’s general healthcare. Calls were responded to within the hour by the patients own GP.

The CQC found that individuals were genuinely respected and valued, being empowered as active participants in their care. Notably, recent patient surveys revealed that 100% of respondents felt heard and understood by their GPs.

The CQC rated the responsiveness as ‘Outstanding’ due to services being tailored to individual needs with a focus on flexibility, choice, and continuity of care. Patients had timely access to care, including initial assessment, test results, diagnosis, and treatment.

An ‘Outstanding’ rating was also given to the leadership category due to the delivery of high-quality, person-centred care. There was a strong culture of collaboration and support among all staff with a shared goal of enhancing care quality and patient experiences. During the inspection, staff expressed feeling respected, supported, and valued, reflecting pride in their work and the service.

A Patient-Led Service

At the core of Linbury’s stellar service is their patient-centric approach and open access to their asigned GP which has set a new benchmark for personalised care. With a well-rounded service that has set the bar high in the healthcare sector, Linbury Doctors prove that exceptional care results from unyielding dedication to patients and a culture that celebrates learning and innovation.

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cqc outstanding rating
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