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Find out more about Fit to Fly Certificates, Day 2 and 8 Testing and Test to Release.

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What’s included in Linbury Doctors membership?

Here at Linbury Doctors, we offer a personalised service including doctor home visits, so that our patients have continuity of care through their own private GP. This means we get to know our patients and their families, putting you at the centre of your healthcare. We deliberately keep our list size smaller to enable us to spend the time you need and to ensure you have the care and attention you deserve.

Direct Access to your own Private GP

For a monthly fee, our members-only doctors home visiting service gives you direct access to your private GP. We offer a personalised service which allows our patients to have continuity of care through their own private GP.

Doctor Home Visits

One of the key benefits that we can provide for you in our membership package is at-home doctor visits; understandably to us, patients feel far more comfortable in their own home, so we’re more than happy to come to you. Plus, if it’s more convenient for you, we can also visit you in your workplace. We offer same-day and pre-bookable appointments Monday to Friday, with urgent appointments at the weekend; whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

doctor home visits

Emergency Practice Line

As well as our convenient doctors home visits, we provide a whole range of benefits that include, but aren’t limited to, an emergency practice line if your dedicated private GP isn’t available. As one of the many benefits of being a member, an alternative contact is always offered, on the small chance it may be needed.

Flu Vaccinations

With winter slowly creeping around the corner, we all need to start preparing for an increase in the number of flu and COVID cases, which is expected to happen when temperatures start to drop. As a member of the Linbury practice, you will be offered a flu vaccine as part of your membership, regardless of whether you are in an at-risk group or not. Your private GP will be in touch with you to discuss having your vaccine.

If you’re a member, and would like to pre-book your jab, please do contact your dedicated doctor or call our practice line on 0333 050 7338. The flu vaccine will lower your risk of developing flu and serious complications, plus, preventing a rise in flu cases can help protect the NHS from becoming overwhelmed during the winter months, especially as COVID cases are also expected to rise.

We can visit you to administer the flu jab at a time and location that suits you – whether that be in the comfort of your own home, or at your place of work.

doctor home visits

No Rushed Appointments

As a member, you benefit from flexible appointment times. Plus, there’s no limit on the number of issues you can discuss with us; you don’t need to book multiple appointments if you have multiple questions. Your private GP is with you for as long as you need them, so you can get everything off your chest. If you have a family membership, we can also see your children at the same time, if necessary.

Here’s a full list of all the benefits we provide for you when you sign up for our membership:

  • Dedicated private GP
  • Direct GP access via phone, video call or email
  • GP appointments to suit your schedule
  • Doctor home visits
  • Direct access to GP for emergencies, advice, and reassurance
  • No time limits on appointments
  • Same-day prescriptions
  • Blood and urine tests with next day results
  • Direct access to private hospital consultants
  • Private immunisations
  • Annual Well Man or Well Woman health checks
  • Flu vaccinations
  • COVID 19 results fast-tracked

How Do I Become a Member?

Simply get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about becoming a member. Call us on 0333 050 7338, or email Our friendly team is always on-hand to help. Alternatively, view the membership page on our website to get all the information you may require. Our private GPs cover Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds, Solihull, and surrounding areas. For further information about how we can help you and your family, contact us on 0333 050 7338.

Private GPs’ Tips on Getting Fit and Improving Wellbeing Post-Lockdown

As we settle into life post-lockdown, it can be easy to overlook personal fitness and wellbeing. There has been an increased emphasis on how important it is to look after both over the past 18 months. In this blog post, our private GPs here at Linbury Doctors have compiled a series of tips to ensure you can take the right steps to a happier, healthier life.

As a member of Linbury Doctors, you get access to your own dedicated private GP, who you can call, text or email whenever you need them. With a home visiting service and bespoke approach to healthcare, we put our patients at the heart of everything we do. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member, give us a call on 0333 050 7338 or visit our memberships page here.

Download the Couch to 5K app: A running plan for beginners

There’s a strong correlation between physical fitness and mental wellbeing, so what better way to tackle them both, than with this beginner running guide allowing everyone to access this sport? The Couch to 5K programme has grown rapidly in popularity in the UK since the pandemic hit and with set routine and discipline following this 9-week challenge anyone can achieve this goal. Remember, it’s important to drink enough water and stay hydrated before and after you do any exercise.

private gps

Go for a Wellbeing Walk

Being out and active in the fresh air is something often overlooked. Here at Linbury, our private GPs believe a simple 20-minute wellbeing walk daily can be vastly beneficial to your wellbeing. The physical improvements you gain by walking can help to improve your mental health too. If you feel fitter, your body image and confidence can increase too – so it’s not just the physical benefits that you’ll notice when you start walking.

Walk regularly. Invest in your long-term health now and you’ll see the difference that walking can make to your mind, your body and your social life. Walking in a group is a great way to get started and stay motivated, so ask a friend or join a local walking group to get started.

Get a Well Man/Well Woman Health Check with our Private GPs

It’s so important to prioritise health, especially during these times. Becoming a member here at Linbury Doctors provides you with an annual check that is compiled of a full system and lifestyle review (including; family history, past medical history and a current medication review). We also carry out blood pressure, pulse and ECG checks, take a plethora of blood tests, and work out your cardiovascular risk profile scoring. Lastly, we provide extensive feedback so that you’re aware of any risks or advice our private GPs may advise following up with.

To find out more about becoming a member of Linbury Doctors, give our practice line a call on 0333 050 7338 or visit our memberships page here.

private GPs

Track your Progress

Something else that can really help with getting back into exercise is to use a fitness app that tracks your progress. By logging what exercise you do and when, you can keep yourself accountable and stay motivated to carry on smashing your goals and improving your physical and mental well-being. Strava is a great app to track running, walking, cycling, swimming and more!

The key thing to remember when starting or getting back into exercise is to take it slowly and look after yourself. It might take time to get up to the fitness level you desire but being patient and sticking with it will be well worth it in the end.

Look After your Diet

Improving your eating habits is going to make you feel far better and give you the energy you need to get back into exercising. It’s not just a lack of exercise during lockdown that has left many of us feeling deflated, it’s the takeaways, snacks, and sweet treats being all too tempting, even more so as it got colder outside. Our private GPs here at Linbury believe that implementing a Monday to Friday balanced meal is a great start. Be sure to include lots of fruits, vegetables and fibres within your diet. Healthy meals don’t have to be boring – there are lots of delicious recipes online to get started with. We’re a particular fan of Daylesford’s recipes, which you can find here.

private gps


If you are worried about your physical and mental wellbeing post the lifting of restrictions, don’t hesitate to get in touch and take that first step. Not a member of Linbury Doctors? You can view the benefits of signing up on our memberships page.

Our Private GPs

Here at Linbury Doctors, we understand that speaking up can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect. That’s why, as a member, you can call, text or email your GP directly. Your doctor will come to see you at your home at a time that suits you.

Our private doctors are experienced in general practice as well as other areas such as mental health. So, contact us to find out more about our GPs or find out more about becoming a member here.

Life After ‘Freedom Day’: How to Stay Safe

Now that social distancing restrictions have been lifted, life is looking a little different here in England. Following the Government’s announcement, social distancing measures have been dropped and face masks are no longer a requirement (apart from on London public transport). So, with all this change, how can we continue staying safe and protecting others? In this blog post, our private GPs offer their advice; including how to get a private Covid test, keep your distance and lower the risks.

private covid test

What’s changed?

England has moved into the final stage of the roadmap out of lockdown. Almost all legal restrictions on social distancing have been removed, but the prime minister has advised that we “proceed with caution”. For example, the legal requirement for face masks inside has been removed, but the Government has said that they are still recommended indoors (such as shops and restaurants) and in crowded places.

Nightclubs have reopened and capacity limits for venues and events have been lifted. The ‘Rule of 6’ and the 1m+ distancing rule has also been dropped. The work from home guidance has stopped but people are encouraged to participate in a gradual return to the workplace.

Venues are being encouraged to use Covid ‘Passports’ or Covid status certifications, which allow people to prove they have had both doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, or have had a negative test result. People can also obtain a Covid passport if they have natural immunity after recovering from Covid-19.

Self-isolation rules are remaining in place if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace until 16th August, at which point it will be lifted for those who have had both doses of the Covid vaccine, and for those aged under 18.

Get Vaccinated

First and foremost, we strongly advise everyone (all adults over 18) to get fully vaccinated. Not only should this help protect you from getting seriously ill with Coronavirus, but it will also help to protect others, particularly those at increased risk for severe illness from the virus.

If you have not yet booked your vaccines, you can do so via the NHS website here.

private covid test

Take a Covid Test if you have Symptoms

If you develop symptoms of Coronavirus, take a lateral flow or PCR test as soon as you can. Here at Linbury Doctors, we can offer a private covid test for our members, and get the results back to you on the same day. For more information, click here to go to our Covid Testing page.

If your result comes back positive, or if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, please self-isolate for the recommended period of time (10 days).

You can also carry out lateral flow testing at home on a regular basis. Around 1 in 3 people with the virus do not show any symptoms and therefore could spread the virus without knowing. Therefore, regular testing increases the chances of detecting Covid.

lateral flow test

Adhere to Travel Requirements

If you are travelling back from a country on the Red List, or are not yet fully vaccinated and travelling back from Amber Countries, you are still required to quarantine and take the required tests. You can see the full list of countries, as well as full testing details, on the Government website here.

Here at Linbury Doctors, we offer Covid travel testing packages, including Day 2 and 8 tests, and Test to Release. You can find more information about our Covid Testing here.

Face Coverings

It is advised to continue wearing face coverings in crowded areas such as on public transport, or inside shops. Although not mandatory (except for public transport in London), wearing a face-covering can help protect you and others from the virus.

private covid test


It’s fantastic news that we are now able to see family and friends freely again; it has come as such a relief to many. To continue keeping each other safe, it is advised to meet in well-ventilated areas. It is also advised to keep the number of people you meet to a minimum. At home, you could consider keeping windows and doors open and leaving your extractor fan running (if you have one) while someone from outside of your household visits.


The NHS App will inform you when you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. The app is free, and can help to stop the spread. You can download it here.

private covid test


If you are worried about the lifting of restrictions and the safety of you or your family, or if you develop symptoms of the virus, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your private GP. Not a member of Linbury Doctors? You can view the benefits of signing up on our memberships page.

The Future

Although many people have been vaccinated, it is still possible to catch and transmit the virus. It’s important to remember that we are currently in the third wave of the pandemic. Although we are better equipped this time, Covid-19 will continue to be a feature of our lives for the foreseeable.

Using our personal judgement and practising these key behaviours will help to reduce the risk. Following this guidance set out by the government will help to control the spread. You can find more information about this guidance here.

Linbury Doctors’ Private Covid Test

If you are a member of the practice we can arrange for you to have a Private Covid test with a same-day result. We also offer Covid travel testing packages for members and non-members, including Fit to Fly, Day 2 and 8 testings, and Test to Release. For more information, please visit our Covid Testing page, or contact us.

What to expect from your Private GP Home Visit

Here at Linbury Doctors, we offer a flexible home visiting service to our members. As one of the many benefits of being a member, a private GP home visit allows us to spend time getting to know you and your family. In line with Government guidelines, we ensure that all Covid precautions are in place when we visit you.

In this blog post, we highlight what you can expect from a home visit from your private doctor, including how to contact your dedicated GP, when to make your appointment and how long appointment times are. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member, contact us or visit our membership page.

1. We will visit at a time that suits you

As a member of Linbury Doctors, you will have access to your own dedicated private GP who you will be able to contact directly. When you’d like to book an appointment, just text, email or call your doctor; they will organise to see you at a time that suits you. We can also see you at your workplace and, with out-of-hours appointments available, you can get on with your day without disruption.

At your private GP home visit, we can discuss the problem, carry out examinations and prescribe any necessary medication from the comfort of your own home. If an urgent appointment is needed, we will try to get to you within the hour.

private GP home visit

2. You can talk about as many issues as you like

There’s no need to book separate appointments for different issues. Your private GP is with you as long as you need them, so you can get everything off your chest and discuss as many things as you’d like to. If you have a family membership, we can also see your children at the same time, if necessary.

Here at Linbury Doctors, caring for the whole family holistically is what we do. We spend time getting to know you so that we can provide a highly individualised, bespoke service.

3. A private GP home visit has no time restrictions

One of the things we love most here at Linbury is that we never have to look at our watch during appointments. As members, you can have your private GP as long as you need them. You will never feel rushed and we will ensure everything is covered off before we leave you.

4. Nothing is ever too ‘small’ or too ‘silly’

We often hear from patients that they don’t want to ‘bother’ their doctor with ‘small’ issues. Let us be the judge of that! We always have time for you; no problem is ever too ‘small’ or too ‘silly’. We’d much rather our patients give us a text or call if something is bothering them, and we will pop by and have a chat about it. Whether it’s something that just needs monitoring or whether further action is needed, it’s always best to let your private GP know.

private gps in claverdon

5. Get your private prescription on the same day

We prescribe medication at your private GP home visit and, in most cases, you can get it on the same day. Plus, if blood or urine tests are needed, you can get the results the very next day; there’s no more waiting around!

Areas we cover

Our private GPs cover Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds and surrounding areas. You can find out more about the locations we cover here. Discover more about becoming a member; contact us on our practice line (0333 050 7338) or filling out our contact form:

Find out more about our private GPs, Dr Hala Atkin and Dr Lucy Ansell here.

Looking for quality live-in care, for yourself or a loved one? We work closely with Hamilton George Care and highly recommend their services. You can learn more on their website here.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Men’s Mental Health and Body Image

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week, our private doctors want to highlight the importance of talking to someone – whether that be a friend, family member, or your GP – about how you’re feeling. Sharing your thoughts can often seem like a terrifying step to take. However, doing so can have huge benefits and is often the way people get better.

Here at Linbury Doctors, we want you to know that we’re always here for you. No matter your gender, if you’re struggling with your mental health, please give your private GP a call. Find out more about becoming a member of Linbury Doctors here.

A recent report from CALM and Instagram states that over a third of men are unhappy with the way they look. Plus, nearly half struggle with their mental health due to this.  CALM, which stands for Campaign Against Living Miserably, also found that two in every five (39%) men feel the pressure to have a ‘perfect’ body.

While there has been lots of talk around female body image and living up to unrealistic representations of beauty, there has been less around male body image. Due to this, CALM have launched a campaign – CALM Body Talks – to combat the issue and bring men into the conversation.

private doctors

What is Body Image?

Body image is how we think or feel about our bodies. CALM’s research revealed that one in two (48%) men aged 16-40 have struggled with their body image at some stage of their lives. This constant pressure to have the ‘perfect’ body is a common narrative across many people’s lives; and this is often accentuated when social media is involved. Half of the men in the study stated that mainstream media and social networking sites were one of the main reasons why they felt negatively towards their bodies. For many, the recent national lockdowns have only accelerated this further; more time at home has meant more aimless scrolling.

What can be done?

According to the CALM study, 21% of 16–40-year-old men don’t feel comfortable talking about their bodies. However, the more we talk about mental health and bring men into the conversation, the less alone people will feel. If you’re struggling, the best thing to do is reach out to someone. Whether that be a friend, family member or your GP, talking about how you feel is the best thing to do.

Our Private Doctors

Here at Linbury Doctors, we understand that speaking up can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect. That’s why, as a member, you can call, text or email your GP directly. Your doctor will come to see you at your home at a time that suits you.

Our private doctors are experienced in general practice as well as other areas such as mental health. So, contact us to find out more about our GPs or find out more about becoming a member here.

Covid Travel: Day 2 and 8 Tests, Test to Release and ‘Fit to Fly’ Explained

There are no longer any restrictions on travelling from England to a different country. However, to ensure your safety and to protect public health in the UK and the vaccine rollout, you should not travel to countries or territories on the red or amber lists, outlined by the Government. Read more on the Gov website here.

If you need to travel, there are rules in place to ensure your safety. In this blog post, we’ll explain Covid travel tests and what it all means including ‘Fit to Fly’ certificates, Day 2 and 8 testing, as well as Test to Release.

Fit to Fly: What do I need to know before I book any travel?

To travel to most destinations you will need a Fit to Fly certificate to board your flight. The time scales and requirements vary depending on which country you are travelling to. 

A PCR test is performed by a UKAS accredited provider and a certificate is issued by one of our GMC registered private GPs stating when the test was performed and the result. The time the test was taken is also included as these are time sensitive. 

This is emailed to you through our secure portal password encrypted as a PDF file. 

covid travel

Covid-19 Testing for International Arrivals

From the 15th February this year by law anyone returning to the UK from abroad must take a Covid-19 PCR test on days 2 and 8 of your self -isolation period (unless specifically exempt). All arrivals must also quarantine for 10 days, either in a Government approved hotel (if returning from a red list country) or an alternative approved location (if returning from an amber list country).

If you are arriving from an Amber country then we can help provide you with day 2 and 8 tests

What does ‘day 2 and 8 testing’ mean?

At Linbury Doctors, we provide day 2 and 8 bundles for Covid tests.

After you arrive back in England, you are required to take a Covid test on day 2 of your quarantine. The day you arrive back in the country is counted as day 0. This ‘day 2 test’ is to identify any potentially harmful variants of the virus. Should a positive result come back, you and your household must quarantine for 10 days, starting on the day after the test was taken.

For those who received a negative ‘day 2 test’, they will also need to take a test on or after day 8. If this ‘day 8 test’ is positive, you and your household will need to quarantine until day 19.

Please read more about how to quarantine when you arrive in England on the Gov website here.

Why are day 2 and 8 tests done?

The tests are carried out in order to pick up any positive Covid-19 results. These positive tests are also sent for genomic sequencing, which looks for any new variants of Covid that may be coming into the country from abroad.

test to release

When do I order my swabs?

You must order your Day 2 and Day 8 tests before you return to the UK. Failure to do so may incur fines and other penalties. You can order your tests as early as is convenient for you, and we will post them to you on the required days.

When you order your test, we will ask you to provide details about yourself and your journey. You will then receive a unique reference number, which you must enter on your passenger locator form before you arrive in the UK.

When will I receive my test kits?

Your tests will be sent separately in accordance with Government guidelines. We will post them to you for the required days. Please note that, by law, we cannot send your tests to you earlier than this. You should, however, order your tests as early as possible, prior to your arrival in the UK.

What should I do when I receive my test kit?

Please read the instructions included in your test kit carefully. You should then collect your sample using the swab provided and send it to our laboratory on the same day using the postage-paid return envelope. The Royal Mail is experiencing severe pressure during the pandemic so you may wish to consider returning your sample using a courier.

day 2 and 8 test

Can I stop self-isolating if I test negative?

In accordance with the UK Government’s guidelines, even if you test negative for Covid-19 on Day 2 or Day 8, you must continue to self-isolate for the full 10 days. You can only shorten your self-isolation period if you test negative with our Test to Release. This is a separate test which you can enquire about here.

What is a test to release (TTR)?

Should you wish to end your quarantine period early, you can request a TTR test. 

Test to release is a test that can be done on day 5 to reduce your quarantine time from 10 days to 5 days. This test is optional and for those who don’t wish to reduce their quarantine time they don’t need to do this. 

Here at Linbury Doctors, we can arrange this test for you with a same-day courier to the laboratory, ensuring results are available as soon as possible. 

One of our GMC registered private doctors will then sign and issue you a PDF certificate with your results within 24 hours of completing the TTR test. 

How do I book a Covid test?

You can book any of the above tests by filling out our web enquiry form and a doctor will get back to you to discuss your requirements. A subsequent questionnaire will be emailed to you to ensure we have all the correct details for whichever certificate you may require. 

covid travel

How much do these Covid travel tests cost?

Covid travel: Day 2 and 8 package:

  • Postal kits: £210 (postal kits)
  • If a visit is required from the doctor for the tests the cost is: £310

Covid travel: Test to release and Fit to Fly certificate:

  • Postal swab for members of Linbury Doctors: £150 
  • Doctor visit and swab for members: £180 
  • Postal swab for non-members: £160
  • Doctor visit and swab for non-members: £200
  • Courier charge: POA

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about our testing by calling 0333 050 7338. See the full list of test providers here.

Private doctors in the Cotswolds, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire

If you live in the Cotswolds, Warwickshire, Worcestershire or parts of Oxfordshire our private doctors can discuss home visits to arrange doctor-led swabs if this is a preference.

If you’re looking for a Private GP in these areas, we’d love to help. With extensive experience in a range of different specialisms, we can care holistically for your whole family.

Here are just a few benefits of becoming a member:

  • Get your own dedicated private GP
  • Get GP appointments to suit your schedule
  • Home visits
  • No more time limits on appointments
  • Get next-day results
  • Fast-tracked Covid test results

Find out more about our private doctor memberships here, or give us a call on 0333 050 7338.

Private GP Services: Why Choose Linbury Doctors?

Here at Linbury Doctors, we provide quality patient care to individuals, couples, families and businesses through our private GP services. We’re all about providing continuity of care, so every member gets access to their own dedicated private doctor who they can call, message or email directly.

In this blog post, we will give you more insight into the benefits of becoming a member.

Our Private GP Services are Bespoke

We really get to know each patient, taking the time to understand their history and current health. When you first become a member, your dedicated GP will phone you to arrange an appointment where we’ll talk in more detail about you and your healthcare needs. We deliberately keep our patient list sizes smaller to ensure we can spend the time you need.

With many connections with consultants and specialists, we can refer you to some of the best private hospital consultants in the UK, should you need them. We will always do what’s right for you; our appointment times are flexible and you’ll never feel rushed when speaking to your GP.

Our Private Doctors Can Visit You in Your own Home

Home visits are a huge part of what we do. Many patients understandable feel more comfortable at home and so we’re more than happy to come to you – either at your home or workplace. We provide same-day and pre-bookable appointments Monday to Friday, with urgent appointments at the weekend; whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

We cover Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Solihull, Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. Following government guidelines, full PPE is always worn and we take all necessary precautions when visiting patients.

private gp services

We Can Offer Next-Day Results

We understand how frustrating it can be when you have to wait around for test results. That’s why, as a member, you will get next-day results for blood and urine tests. Plus, with same-day prescriptions, we will never keep you waiting unnecessarily.

Get Private Covid Tests

We can arrange for our members to have a Covid swab test, with a same-day result. If you’re travelling back to England from abroad, we provide day 2 and 8 bundles for COVID tests. We can also provide Fit to Fly Certificates and Test to Release tests. Please contact us for more info.

Private GP Services that Offer Peace of Mind

Here at Linbury Doctors, we offer annual Well Man or Well Woman health checks, so you can get peace of mind and rest in the knowledge that your healthcare is in safe hands. We also ensure our members are offered influenza vaccinations, as well as private immunisations for those who may need them.

private GP services

How Do I Become a Member?

Simply get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about becoming a member. Call us on 0333 050 7338, or email Our friendly team is always on-hand to help.

Our Private GPs

Meet Dr Hala and Dr Lucy, our private GPs: Find out more about them here.

6 Wellbeing Tips to Improve Mental Health during Lockdown

There’s no denying that this lockdown has been tough and, as private family doctors, we understand that it has affected people of all ages. It’s so important to take care of your mental health as well as your physical health during this time and remember to be kind to ourselves.

It’s common to feel anxious, bored, lonely, unsure, frustrated or worried, and this is okay – there is no ‘right way’ to live through a global pandemic! For most, these uneasy emotions pass over time, but we thought we would share our advice on how you can help improve mental wellbeing at home.

As private family doctors, we encourage you to reach out for further support if you feel like you need it, whether that be speaking to a friend or family member, or getting in touch with your GP. If you’d like to speak to one of our private doctors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0333 050 7338. Find out more about membership here.

1. Set a routine

For many, the loss of routine during lockdown has been particularly difficult. However, by setting simple tasks throughout the day, we can help ourselves feel more productive and structured. From making the bed to walking the dog, eating breakfast to going for a walk, these tasks don’t have to be difficult, but it’s all part of regaining a sense of control during these uncertain times.

2. Move your body

Exercise can ease anxiety levels and getting outdoors in the fresh air can help boost our immune systems. Taking a simple walk is all it takes to release those endorphins!

You could also partake in some at-home workouts and there are lots of instructional videos to follow online.

private family doctors

3. Stay in touch

It can sometimes feel difficult, but keeping in touch with your friends and family is really important. Whether it’s a phone call, text, or video call, there are lots of ways to keep the connection.

As private family doctors, we often direct our patients to for self-help advice. Connecting with other people who are going through similar experiences is often helpful; you’re not alone.

Always seek medical help if you need further support; our private doctors have urgent, flexible and out-of-hours appointments, and we also offer home visits. Find out more about becoming a member here.

4. Spend time away from your screen

Although it’s good to be in the loop with what’s going on, make sure to take time away from news sources, social media sites and television screens every once in a while. Constant news updates can often feel overwhelming, especially when we have little control over them. You could turn off news app notifications, set dedicated time away from your phone, and swap the TV for your favourite podcast in the evenings.

The Forest app helps you stay off your phone screen and focus on life around you. In the app, you plant a virtual tree, which will grow as you stay off your phone – eventually, you could grow a whole virtual forest!

private family doctors

5. Make time for yourself

Whether you’re working from home, home-schooling the kids, or have a never-ending to-do list, it’s often easy to forget to make time for yourself. Dedicating as little as 10 minutes of the day, first thing in the morning or last thing at night, can make a big difference. The Headspace app has guided meditations and mindfulness techniques, which can really help you focus on the present.

As well as this, what we eat has a big impact on how we feel so to ensure you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, set aside some time to plan out your meals for the week ahead.

6. Get a good night’s sleep

As private family doctors, we know that getting a full night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Here are a few simple ways you can help yourself ‘switch off’:

  • Stay away from screens at least an hour before bedtime
  • Have a warm bath
  • Read a book instead of scrolling through social media
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook – the Calm app has some brilliant materials to listen to before you sleep, from nature sounds to relaxing music, sleep meditations to bedtime stories.
private family doctors

Here at Linbury Doctors, our team of private GPs are experienced in general practise as well as mental health. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member, get in touch with us on 0333 050 7338.

Meet the Linbury team:

Private GPs – Dr Hala, Dr Lucy, Dr Rachel

private family doctors

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

Private family doctors

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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. What a year it has been for our children and adolescents missing months of schooling, social interaction and life as we once knew it. 

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week was launched in 2015 by Place2be’s charity to highlight the importance of children’s mental health. 

Mental health problems can arise at any time. Before the pandemic, research suggested that half of mental health problems are developed by mid-teens. Since the pandemic, mental health problems in children have been on the rise

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This year, Place2be’s theme is EXPRESS YOURSELF and encouraging children to express themselves.

We need to enable our children to express themselves. Listening to them and encouraging them to talk about their feelings acknowledge them and normalise the feelings. 

  • Take time to listen to them, listen to how they feel and encourage them to talk. 
  • Set an example by sharing how you are feeling and how you look after yourself and your mental wellbeing, what works for us and how they can adapt similar strategies.
  • Remind them that their thoughts and feelings are important

The lockdown and its Effects:

Here at Linbury, one of the joys of being a private family doctor is that we get to know our patients and families really well, especially during the lockdown period where we continue to carry out home visits with full PPE. We develop a personal relationship with our patients and the whole family. 

During my visits last week, I was in awe to see how all the children of the families I look after have adapted to this new normal. But it also made me feel sad for some of them and the big events they are missing in their lives, especially the adolescents; those who would have been sitting big exams; having big prom parties with their friends; and engaging in sporting events such as netball and rugby tournaments.

The impact on our children can last for years to come so it is even more important to support them, let them express their feelings and guide them through these times. 

How can we Help the Children Adapt During Lockdown?

Routine: Try and stick to a schedule. Schools have done brilliantly to provide a routine in the school day, so stick to it as much as possible to help structure the day. 

Hobbies: If your children can carry on with their hobbies and the things they enjoy, ensure to make time for it. You can find music lessons online, practise favourite sports with family in the garden, or take up a new hobby! My children have joined me in running at the weekends and they aim to run 5km at a good time. You could also get involved and join in with a hobby that your children enjoy. Time outdoors is really important.

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Friends and family: Ensure that your children stay in touch with their friends during school live lessons or set up virtual calls with them at the weekend. Write a letter to grandparents or other family members, and share some home school work with them. 

Finally, don’t ever hesitate to ask for help. As private family doctors, we will always be happy to chat through any concerns and guide you. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0333 050 7338. We always put our patients at the core of everything we do.

What are the Alternatives to HRT?

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In this post, our private GPs have summarised some of the symptoms you may experience during the menopause and some non-hormonal approaches for managing them. Members of the British Menopause Society, our private doctors Hala and Lucy have a special interest in the menopause.

Many women opt to avoid using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) during the peri-menopause and menopause due to concerns about risk (which we address in this blog post). This may be due to personal or family history of breast or gynaecological cancers.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal oestrogen creams, pessaries or a vaginal ring which contains oestradiol can treat Vaginal dryness. This mimics the oestrogen a woman would produce before becoming menopausal. Unlike HRT, there is no systemic absorption so these don’t carry the risks that HRT would.

Vaginal rings can help prevent recurrent urine infections women can be plagued with following the menopause. Vaginal moisturiser and silicone-based lubricants are also very good if sex has become painful.

Ospemifene is a selective oestrogen receptor modulator that has an oestrogen-like effect in the vagina. It is non-hormonal and is being used to treat vaginal atrophy, and it may prove invaluable for oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer sufferers.

Prescriptible Drugs for Hot Flushes and Sweats

The jury is still out about this, but low doses of SSRIs and SNRIs (forms of antidepressants) have been shown to reduce hot flushes and night sweats, as has a drug called Gabapentin which is often used for atypical pain or epilepsy.

Pregabalin is a controlled drug which has similar results to Gabapentin. It seems to be better tolerated but is more expensive. Clonidine is the only licensed medication at present but isn’t suitable for patients with a low baseline blood pressure.

Alternatives to HRT

Potential Alternatives to HRT

Always seek a medical professional to discuss the management of menopause symptoms. If you’d like to speak to one of our private GPs about the alternatives to HRT, please call our practice on 0333 050 7338.

  • Pregnenolone – This seems to work well for the ‘mind fog’: poor concentration, poor memory, and poor sleep cycle associated with perimenopause and menopause. This is a non-licensed drug via private prescription only.
  • 5HTP – This is a non-licensed drug via private prescription only. The dosage is 100mg at night; it is also said to be good for sleep.
  • Vitamin D – Low levels of vitamin D are associated with low bone density and tiredness. It’s an essential vitamin to take especially during the British winter. 800-1000 units a day are recommended for maintenance therapy.
  • Evening primrose and fish oil – This works well for breast tenderness.
  • Magnesium – This proves to be good for anxiety and labile mood.
  • Chromium – Good for sugar cravings.
  • Multi-Vitamin B – Some evidence suggests that vitamin B may help with stress-induced anxiety.
  • Black cohosh, isoflavones and St. John’s wart – the jury is still out on this. Don’t take this without telling a doctor as it can interfere with liver metabolism and stop other important prescription medication from working. Breast cancer survivors should not use them.
  • Acupuncture – women do report some improvement in symptoms after having acupuncture treatment but studies show this is likely to be a placebo effect.
  • CBT – there’s good evidence that CBT can help with low mood and anxiety caused by the menopause.

One of the most important factors to consider is lifestyle as this can play a huge part in symptom relief. Cutting back on alcohol, spicy food and caffeine will help ease symptoms. Plus, weight loss (if BMI is over normal range) can be very helpful.

Smoking will make hot flushes worse and increase cardiovascular risk. Aerobic and weight-bearing exercise reduces flushes and sweats and it could increase bone density.


Fezolinetant is a new drug; it’s undergoing studies and currently only available in research settings. However, all of the evidence is pointing toward the fact it may help with hot flushes and sweats in women who cannot have hormonal treatment.

If you’d like to speak to our private GPs about the alternatives to HRT or to find out more about the symptoms of menopause, contact us on 0333 050 7338.