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Private GP Reviews: What our Members say about Linbury Doctors

Here at Linbury Doctors, we pride ourselves on providing quality healthcare to people of all ages, no matter their medical history. It’s so important to us to get to know each patient, spending the time they need and caring holistically for the whole family. Our highly individualised, flexible and proactive approach to care is why we receive such glowing reviews from our members. Read our private GP reviews to gain more of an insight into what our members think about our service.

If you’d like to find out more about Linbury Doctors, please call our Practice Line on 0333 050 7338 or email To discover all the benefits of joining, visit our Memberships page here.

Linbury Doctors Private GP Reviews:

“We joined Linbury Doctors last year and have had them come to us on several occasions. They are such lovely people. It is so much less stressful when your doctor comes to your home. Importantly, they are brilliant GPs with time to listen and ask questions. Thank you, Linbury!”
– Linbury Member, March 2024

“Dr Lucy Ansell and Dr Clare Wyld have both delivered extraordinary care to my entire family. It is an incredibly efficient way to receive general medicare care; we have prompt communication with our assigned family GP and in person house calls that are within hours, it’s incredible. Bravo to the team and the incredible work they do.”
– Linbury Member, March 2024

We like the security of having the services of a private GP should we require it. We have always been very happy with the care we have received from your doctors.
– Linbury Member, September 2023

Since joining Linbury Doctors, Dr Lucy and her team have been an amazing help to the family; whenever you speak to her, nothing is too much trouble. I can not thank them enough for all they have done for us.
– Linbury Member, August 2023

“My wife and I were so pleased to meet Dr Linney on Monday and very impressed by, and grateful to him for, the time and trouble he took with us. Both of us felt we were able to tell him exactly what was on our minds, and his advice was invaluable. He kindly fixed an appointment for me with a Dermatologist, which came through yesterday. All excellent.
– Linbury Member, August 2023

I would like to commend your colleague Ferdi who has given us excellent service. Last Monday, I had a pain in my chest and phoned Ferdi expecting him to pop around to examine me and advise there was nothing to worry about. After questioning me closely, I was astonished when he advised that I should go immediately to the hospital! And furthermore, he himself contacted emergency services on my behalf and an ambulance arrived within 15 minutes! Fifty minutes later I was in the operating theatre in the hospital, having a stent fitted. I am very grateful for Ferdi’s prompt and accurate diagnosis which I think has saved me from serious harm.
– Linbury Member, 2023

“Fantastic doctors and service. Couldn’t be more grateful for all the help provided for my family.”
– Linbury Member, 2022

“Dr Lucy at Linbury Doctors has looked after our family seamlessly for 2 years. Not only has she provided immediate advice over the phone, but she’s also provided urgent visits where required and immediate referrals to hospital specialists.

Dr Lucy has provided a stream of communication (particularly covid illness, travel certificates and endless testing) and she has understood the health anxieties of parents when related to children’s health, regardless of the severity of the issue.

The constant reassurance is as valuable as any medical intervention required. We are very grateful, thank you.”
– Linbury Member, 2022

Lucy Ansell is a life changer, literally. Nothing is too much trouble even when juggling small children in one hand and urgent patient issues in the other. Cannot rate Lucy more highly. 10 stars?
– Linbury Member, 2022

“I cannot recommend Linbury more highly. Dr Lucy noticed an unusual lump on my partner’s neck and whisked him to see a specialist within days. This observation and quick response has probably saved his life. Her wall to wall 24/7 care, during hideous treatments over the last year, has been kind, uncomplicated and unwavering.”
– Linbury Member, 2022

“I just wanted to say how very happy I am having Dr Lucy Ansell as my doctor. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, she was absolutely amazing and nothing was ever too much trouble when I rang asking for some advice. She is always so cheerful and if you feel anxious, she always manages to allay any fears you might have. We are so lucky to have her.”
– Linbury Member, 2022

“Signing with the Linbury Doctors was the best thing I have done. The security of knowing you have a trusted Doctor at the end of the phone is so reassuring. All the team are delightful, caring, efficient and know the right people if you need to be referred. I cannot recommend them more.”
– Linbury Member, 2022

“We were most impressed with Dr Liam’s delightful and diligent manner in which he dealt with us. We have every confidence for the future.”
– Linbury Member, 2022

“I cannot thank Linbury Doctors and in particular Dr. Lucy Ansell for the marvellous work she has done for me.  She has diagnosed at least three potential problems I have had, which I certainly know my GP would not have bothered to care about.  If I email her at 11 pm at night, there is often a reply by 7.30 am.  The best advantage of all, is that they have no surgery in the general sense, because they always come and visit personally their patients, even the next day, if required.  I could not recommend Linbury doctors more highly.”
– Linbury Member, 2022

“During the pandemic it has been difficult, as indeed it was before then, to see a Doctor and the same Doctor at that when you need them. Dealing with a GP practice which is so incredibly busy can make life even more stressful than it should be. I discovered Linbury Doctors through Linkedin and an enquiry was immediately followed up with a home visit the next day to explain the commitment and how it works. We signed up immediately and our Doctor, Hala Atkin was ‘assigned’ to us.

A call to Hala and she responds almost immediately and arranges to come over to our Home.  After a medical examination and blood test where the results came back 24 hours later, I was referred without delay to the best specialist for my issue.

Hala and her colleagues have a great manner about them and are now fully in tune with our needs and health programme. They are very charming and professional and are so responsive.  Probably the best thing we’ve done for ages and I can’t recommend their service highly enough.”
– Linbury Member, 2021

“Thank you to the Linbury Doctors for the kind and efficient service of doing a COVID test and preparing proper documentation for me, enabling me to travel home for Christmas smoothly.”
– Linbury Member, 2021

We pride ourselves on running honest, transparent service that is of the highest quality. So, it’s always such a pleasure to hear such fantastic feedback! If you’re a member and would like to leave a review, please email

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